Made in London
Made in London

Made in London

Being sustainable is about a lot more than just choosing sustainable fibres.

We take a holistic approach to sustainable and ethical production, meaning we apply both to everything we do and see every aspect of the business playing a part in the bigger picture.

So, why manufacture in London - one of the big four capitals in the world?

We work to bring you a Made in London label because, ultimately, the less a garment has to travel and the less we ourselves have to travel to produce those garments, the better it is for the planet!

Also, by manufacturing in London, we can ensure that working conditions are not only safe and supportive, but a lovely environment to be in! The seamstresses and team are paid a London living wage, reflecting the craftsmanship involved in making beautiful quality garments that last a lifetime. 

 The female-founded manufacturers we work with are just a short bus ride away from LR.D HQ. Not only does this enable us to cut down on carbon emissions caused by travel and delivery, but it also allows us to visit the team regularly (as much as three times a week in peak sampling/production periods). This enables us to check in first hand and to build a close relationship with the talented people working alongside us to bring you your clothing.

Making in London also means that we support the others who live and work alongside us in this big, vibrant city. We get to give back to our local community. 

Have you ever wondered how a garment can cost so little? Someone always has to pay the price for your savings and it’s usually the makers. Now more than ever, in a city of ever-increasing living costs, it’s important to keep supporting local, independent and female-led businesses, so they can continue to support not only themselves but also their employees.

By choosing to spend your money on an LR.D garment, you aren’t just supporting us, but a whole chain of British and European-based craftspeople. <3