Founded by Australian-born and London-based designer Lily Rose Dambelli, LR.D is a conscious, contemporary womenswear label born with a vision to create a wardrobe for the modern woman - one that not only celebrates the woman herself, but also the local craftspeople who produce it and the natural environment that provides us with the raw materials.


Our philosophy is that fashion trends come and go, but well-designed garments can be reimagined each year, remaining in season forever.


We design collections that complement each other, giving the opportunity to build a refined wardrobe using both existing and new.


There’s no perfect way to be sustainable, but a fierce commitment to using responsible materials and production methods with a low environmental impact is woven through the seams of every LR.D garment. 


 Made locally in London for fair living wages and in small production runs, we aim to inspire conscious consumption habits, ensure garment longevity and advocate for transparent supply chains.