Garment Care Recommendations

Looking after your garments properly is important to ensure that you get to keep them for the long haul, and also to lower their impact on the environment.


Wash less

We don’t need to wash our garments every time we wear them. A little mark can easily come out with spot cleaning. 

Linen is actually antibacterial. It doesn’t retain smell as much as other fabrics and can just be aired out to freshen up the garment. And when you do need to wash your garment, we suggest you use a max 30 degree setting to lower energy use.


Don’t tumble dry

Tumble drying can degrade the fibres of your garment. It also uses unnecessary energy and can make your garment lose its shape. We recommend naturally drying your clothes, either hanging or flat, depending on the piece. 

We recommend laying the Janneke trousers flat to dry to ensure that the detachable legs don’t lose shape and stay looking their best. We also recommend drying the Annabel dress as a separate top and skirt so that the elastic isn’t weighed by the buttons when wet, which is when it’s more susceptible to losing its shape / stretching.


Dry clean only when absolutely necessary

And if so, look for an eco friendly dry cleaner. All fabrics in our collection can be washed at home.



We provide extra buttons so if you lose one, you can easily sew on another. A lot of minor damages are an easy fix. Either repair it yourself or take the garment to your local tailor so they can make it look like new! Please contact us if you have questions or need extra buttons and we will see what we can do.

LRD would love to offer an in-house repair service down the line as the company grows. Stay subscribed for updates on these services.


Resell or Recycle 

We hope that your LR.D garments become a part of your long-term wardrobe, but if you decide to part ways, do use a resale platform to find it a new home, take it to your local charity shop to make someone else's day or return it to LRD.

If you find that your garment has come to its end life, or you no longer love it like you used to, we encourage you to please return it to LRD so we can responsibly recycle it or up-cycle the materials and components. We would like to offer 15% off your next order for doing so. You can also contact us to arrange a free shipping label.

For more information on how to care for your clothes, you can visit