At LR.D we strive to use the most responsible packaging we can when storing and shipping our garments.



We store our garments on hangers produced by an amazing Latvian company who specialise in plastic free hangers that don't harm the earth.


They are made of recycled paper, but can still hold up to 10kg. These are a great alternative to traditional single use plastic hangers that normally end up in landfill. Our hangers are instead easily recycled as well as biodegradable.



We searched high and low for an alternative to the traditional single use poly bag that we didn’t have to order in the 10s of thousands, like most other sustainable options.


We were excited to find these water soluble ones (non toxic & marine safe of course). They really do just dissolve when soaked in water. We’ve tested it ourselves. The bags are also produced in the UK, which is an added bonus.




Everyone loves their purchase to arrive in pretty packaging. 


We use recycled card swing tags, even the string is recycled! We’ve sourced recycled tissue paper and recycled cardboard boxes, as well as recycled paper stickers and thank you cards. The box is then secured with plastic free tape, ensuring we are sending you your order completely free of plastic!



To send orders to their new homes, we use a 150% climate positive service, via DHL. This ensures that for each shipment made, DHL contributes to a climate protection project through the purchase of carbon credits, therefore neutralising the shipment’s CO2 emissions. 


For instance, if your shipment is responsible for emitting 66kg of CO2, our partners will offset the same amount and more, by purchasing carbon credits from climate protection projects, such as wind farms or biomass power plants, that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.


PS. Don't forget to recycle your packaging when you are finished with it!