Introducing- TRY AT HOME
Introducing- TRY AT HOME

Introducing- TRY AT HOME

Introducing a new service to London-based customers.

Bringing the in-store experience to you - convenient, personal and no strings attached. Try on different LRD pieces and sizes in the comfort of your own home.

We understand the importance of good customer service and finding the right fit. So we've decided to bring the in-store experience to your London home (or office!).

By offering this new service we are able to save you the time and money of returning your order and reduce the amount of returns received, which cuts down the amount of unnecessary deliveries and the emissions involved.

Better for you and better for the environment.


How it works:

1. Email us for a 45 minute appointment (9.30-6.30 Mon-Saturday) in which we bring the styles that you have your eye on direct to you to try on before committing to the purchase.
2. Try on as many pieces as you'd like and get the added bonus of professional assistance and advice.
3. If you decide to purchase something from your selection, the service fee is discounted from the final amount.
If you decide not to keep anything, you'll only be charged the service fee of £40 that covers our time and travel costs.
4. Enjoy your lovely new items, immediately!
An added bonus is that you also save on shipping costs. What's not to like?
Please contact to book your appointment today.

NOTE: If the item is a pre-order item/isn't currently in stock, you may still be able to use this service and try on a sample while you wait for the next delivery.