A note from Lily Rose

I'm so excited to welcome you to LR.D and the very first collection: 'Keeping good company'.

It was inspired by the strength of friendship throughout these monumental times, and built through the endless support and patience of sisterhood.

Almost all the talented hands who worked on this collection - from concept to production - are those of strong women who have now become an integral part of LR.D. I’m in awe of them.

For the last seven years, I travelled very regularly for work as a creative director and European sales manager for a print design studio. It opened my eyes to the wasteful world of fast fashion and for years I thought about creating a brand that was the antithesis of that industry. It was only brought to reality by the sudden increase of time I had on my hands when London went into a very long and drawn out lockdown. 

LR.D is a celebration of the art in everyday life, as it’s these moments that often bring me the most pleasure.

My sister is a journalist and has a way with words that I just don’t, putting it plainly.

I asked her to write about ‘the art in the everyday’ and so she asked our friends what simple moments brought them the most joy, combining their answers into one very satisfying summary:

‘There’s a timeless artistry in a streak of sunlight that meets your face through a closed window. The first crunch of a flakey croissant, a jacketless walk after a long winter or a fresh morning at the farmer’s market picking the perfect artichoke. We inherently pause to appreciate the sky when it turns pink at the end of the day and accentuate the moment with a crisp glass of wine.

I hope that this collection will offer those simple moments of joy to every one of its wearers. It’s designed to be comfortable and versatile and made to be worn.

Sustainability was the driver for the creation of LR.D, first and foremost. Designs were developed around the sustainable options at hand and every single material has been thoughtfully considered and chosen based on it’s sustainable credentials. This meant months of researching for the right zip, or the right button, but I’m really proud of every element in the collection and the time that went into making sure it was the best available option.

The collection is available by pre-order, which means most of what is produced depends on what you buy. This enables LR.D to keep waste to a minimum and to only use what's needed. 

Emma Slade Edmondson, founder of ESE Consultancy put it perfectly when she spoke to Elle Magazine:

'It’s a far more ethical and sustainable approach because there is no overproduction, reducing the risk of excess unwanted stock going to landfill.It avoids encouraging a culture of wanting more and more newness at rapid speed. Instead, it promotes slow fashion, quality and the love for one well-made piece that can become an heirloom.'

Pre-ordering means you purchase the product before it is ready to be dispatched. Once you’ve ordered it, the garment will be added to the next production run and then made especially for you.

As LR.D grows, I’ll aim to make these wait times shorter.

Any feedback or comments are more than welcome and if you’d like more information on the collection, my background or just to say hello, please feel free to get in contact at I’d love to hear from you!

Lily Rose, Founder and creative director