Keeping in balance

Hello from me, LR.D! Aka Lily Rose Dambelli.

There are so many memes and reels about small businesses being a lot of work for a reason (or is that just my algorithm?). It’s a lot of work and often really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been trying to remind myself that work/life balance is really important and that the world won’t stop spinning if I allow myself some much-needed breaks. In fact, it’ll only make me more productive in the long run.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my favourite little town in Somerset, called Bruton.
It’s the perfect spot to unwind at the same time as feeling inspired.

















It has a fantastic (and free) gallery called @hauserwirthsomerset that always holds great shows. We meandered through the gallery, admiring Henry Moore’s curving, bone-like sculptures, and then into the adjoining gardens, which are designed by the famous landscape architect, @pietudolf. He explores the seasons and they way that plants constantly change and evolve, resulting in a living work of art.

To top it off, the town if full of great food and produce.

I had the sweetest, juiciest apricots right from the @dursladefarmshop, the perfect locally made roast strawberry ice-cream from @brickellsicecream as well as a delicious seasonal meal at @oldpharmacybruton, the more casual sister restaurant to michellin star @osiprestaurrant next door.

To top it off, on Sunday we found a wild swimming spot on the nearby river where we lazed about reading and soaking in the sun before returning to London.

I started last week feeling calmer, and better equipped to make some big decisions for collection two.


All throughout, I’ve been in my Soraia shorts almost daily.

My partner and father also have a pair, and now my sister too! The wide waist band and the scalloped hem detailing results in an effortless and elevated casual look. At the same time they are comfortable and easy to wear. Win win.

Lily Rose x