About LRD

Once upon a breakfast table, Sydney-born and London-based designer Lily Rose Dambelli set out to inspire a different relationship between women and their wardrobes. One that inspires long-term commitment and conscious curation, honouring the notion that every moment can be an art form and that the dress you’re wearing is the finishing touch. 

And so, after coffee, LRD was born.

LRD celebrates dressing as an everyday ritual of both necessity and indulgence, offering womenswear that aims to match all occasions. It combines the versatility of an Australian lifestyle with European elegance.

There’s no perfect way to be sustainable, but a commitment to positive environmental and ethical impact is woven through the seams of every LRD garment. 

Designs are driven by conscious material selection and the relationship between designer and manufacturer. Produced locally in London, with a pre-order model, LRD keeps travel at a minimum and clothes out of landfill, while promoting timeless garments designed to be in season forever.